For the consumer who cares where their food comes from and is looking for a local (British Columbia) source of healthy and lean beef!  BC grass-fed beef is our specialty!

Our system of raising cattle is based on our customers' demand for a safe, healthy, and more environmentally friendly way of buying meat.

Grass-Fed or Grain-Fed? The difference is obvious

We've discovered that fresh grass-fed beef is the best tasting meat we had ever had. Our customer list continues to grow as more people discover the great taste of grass-fed beef, as well as the great feeling of supporting sustainable agriculture through a local family farm.

A healthy alternative to grocery-store beef, our grass-fed beef is raised on our family farm and you can be sure of where your beef came from and that it will be all-natural!

So if grass-fed beef sounds like a product you would be interested in, read on and find out how to order some of this healthy and delicious beef!