Located in Central BC, in the lovely and diverse Cariboo region, our ranch is home to many species of wildlife and plants. The different systems of forest, pasture, and animals work naturally with each other, and we are committed to enhancing these systems through our farming practices.


Our small family-run farm is our pride and we have invested countless hours creating the type of farming operation that we believe in. Because we are family-owned and operated, we are dedicated to seeing our business succeed in a way that benefits our customers, our environment, and our family.

Our Mandate

To provide our customers with the healthiest, tastiest beef through ethically and environmentally-sound farming practices.

Because we weren't comfortable with the conventional way of raising beef, we decided to try something different and move away from the factory farming model to a natural way of farming. Not only do we feel proud of how our animals are raised, we are confident that our beef will be the healthiest and tastiest you have ever eaten!